Kauppalehti Group

Kauppalehti Group provides financial information and business services as well as marketing solutions.

The revenue of the Kauppalehti Group was M€ 57.9 (62.8) in 2010. The revenue of 2009 includes the revenue of Kauppalehti 121 Oy, sold in November 2009, M€ 6.6. Without the effect of Kauppalehti 121, the segment’s revenue grew by 3.0% to M€ 57.9 (56.2). The segment’s revenue from advertising sales was M€ 17.7 (16.3), from circulation sales M€ 15.0 (15.4) and from content and service sales M€ 25.2 (24.4) (comparison without the effect of Kauppalehti 121).

The operating profit of the Kauppalehti Group was M€ 8.2 (6.7) and the operating profit excluding non-recurring items was M€ 8.2 (6.7). The operating profit represented 14.2% (10.7%) of revenue, and 14.2% of revenue excluding non-recurring items (10.7%).

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The figures in accordance with the new segment structure as of 2008