The Marketplaces segment includes marketplace services for housing, cars, jobs, heavy machinery and consumer goods on the internet and in print both in Finland and abroad. Mascus is the most international of Alma Media’s marketplaces: it operates in 34 countries and can be used in 32 languages via 42 domains.

The revenue of the Marketplaces segment grew 18.7% in 2010 and was M€ 32.1 (27.0). The operating profit of the segment increased to M€ 0.4 (–1.7). The operating profit excluding non-recurring items was M€ 0.8 (–0.5).The operating profit represented 1.2% (–6.3%) of revenue and 2.6% (–2.0%) of revenue excluding non-recurring items., Bovision, City24,,,,, Objektvision,


The figures in accordance with the new segment structure as of 2008