Studying the environmental impact of online and printed media

In 2010, Alma Media implemented a number of measures to make it easier for its stakeholders to assess the responsibility of its operations.

At the turn of the year 2009-2010, Alma Media conducted an extensive survey to analyse the views and expectations of its stakeholders regarding corporate responsibility in Alma Media and the media business as a whole. A more detailed analysis of the results is available on the Alma Media website and in the company’s previous Corporate Responsibility Report.

The survey indicates that stakeholders want more information on Alma Media’s responsibility. The company initiated GRI compliant corporate responsibility reporting and became the first Finnish media company to publish an independent corporate responsibility report. Communication on corporate responsibility was also improved by revising the responsibility section on the website and by making responsibility one of the focal points of the company blog.

Supporting the employment of young people is one aspect of corporate responsibility. In January 2011, Alma Media partnered with the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation to launch the Responsible Summer Job challenge campaign. By mid-February 2011, nearly 40 companies had accepted the challenge and committed to offering over 2,300 responsible summer jobs.

In spring 2011, Alma Media will launch an environmental tips campaign aimed at consumers.

Internal development projects in 2010 included the establishment of the Group’s corporate responsibility network and the creation of a corporate responsibility strategy.

Corporate responsibility forum of nordic media companies convened by alma media

Alma Media has set a number of objectives for 2011–2012 related to corporate responsibility.

In 2010, the company began drafting a Code of Conduct, which is scheduled for publication in 2011. Alma Media also aims to become a signatory of the UN Global Compact initiative.

Alma Media is launching a project in spring 2011 to analyse the environmental impacts of the printed newspaper and online media. The study is carried out in partnership with VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland and the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.

Alma Media is also looking to engage other companies in dialogue on responsibility. As part of this effort, the company is the organiser of the first corporate responsibility forum for Nordic media companies. Alma Media will also be one of the main partners in the “Ratkaisun paikka” event organised by Finnish Business and Society in May 2011.

Internally, the focal point of the development projects is to make corporate responsibility an integral part of the company’s strategy process and risk management. 

"Lapin Kansa, Pohjolan Sanomat and Kainuun Sanomat redesigned their formats and revised their operating methods. Video conferencing technology was used in planning the renewals, resulting in savings of some 80,000 kilometres of driving. This corresponds to the climate effect of nearly 230 annual subscriptions to Lapin Kansa."

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