Strong finances form the basis of responsibility

Alma Media Group and its business units have diverse economic impacts on their stakeholders. The Group companies are important employers, taxpayers and customers of other companies in their operating areas. Newspapers also execute a major indirect economic influence, as one of their central tasks is to act as a voice of their community and a promoter of well-being.

The profitability of business and a solid financial position form the basis for the responsible operation of Alma Media and its business units. Profitability also guarantees the journalistic integrity of Alma Media’s newspapers.

In addition to the direct and indirect impacts of its business operations, Alma Media supports economically sustainable development in many ways, for instance through its partnership with the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation (FCYF). In January 2011, Alma Media and FCYF along with other partners launched the Responsible Summer Job 2011 campaign to challenge companies to create good summer jobs for young people in summer 2011. The campaign is a response to public dialogue on the low employment rate among young people, an effort to go from words to actions and thereby promote social vitality and well-being.