Management of corporate responsibility

At Alma Media, corporate responsibility means the way the Group, its business units and, ultimately, every employee act in terms of ecological, economic, social and cultural responsibility. The high priority assigned to corporate responsibility at Alma Media is reflected in the company’s organisation of corporate responsibility.

As with other matters, the guidelines for corporate responsibility are laid down by the Group management and, where necessary, the Board of Directors. The Group’s corporate responsibility network covers all business units and chains and is at the core of corporate responsibility operations. The operation of the network is coordinated by Alma Media’s corporate responsibility Co-ordinator. The network’s task is to facilitate the flow of information regarding corporate responsibility matters at the Group, business unit and chain levels. The network also develops the responsibility of each business unit and chain in line with shared guidelines.

Key memberships

Alma Media is a member of FiBS. FiBS (Finnish Business and Society) promotes economically, socially and ecologically responsible business in Finland. Alma Media aims to become a signatory of the UN Global Compact in 2011.

Alma Media’s other memberships include those of the Finnish Newspapers Associationthe Federation of the Finnish Media Industry as well as IAB Finland. The company also participates in the Next Media research project co-ordinated by the Federation of the Finnish Media Industry.