Principles of reporting on corporate responsibility

Alma Media’s business operations are based on the Group’s socially responsible mission: acting for individual freedom and well-being. Alma Media’s corporate responsibility reporting describes the Group’s business operations from the perspective of this mission, each year providing qualitative and quantitative information on what corporate responsibility means for Alma Media. The other contents of the Annual Review, the Financial Review and the company website complement the reporting. The next review of corporate responsibility will be published in early 2012.

The reporting period for corporate responsibility corresponds to Alma Media’s financial year, i.e. the calendar year, 1 Jan–31 Dec 2010. This report additionally includes certain instances of information pertaining to 2011. The report covers the Group’s Finnish operations, except for the section on economic responsibility, which also includes the Group’s international operations. This means that the section on economic responsibility is consistent with the Group’s other financial reporting. Regarding social and environmental responsibility, international operations have been excluded on the basis of the GRI guidelines, as their impacts on sustainable development are minor due to their scope and nature.

The reporting on corporate responsibility is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 guidelines from 2006. The report focuses on the aspects of corporate responsibility that were determined to be of key significance to Alma Media based on the stakeholder study carried out in winter 2009–2010. A table illustrating the degree to which the report corresponds with the GRI guidelines is presented here. Based on Alma Media’s assessment, the contents of the report correspond with Application Level B of the G3 guidelines.

GRI_index.pdf (71 kB)